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My work explores how humans relate to our reality- nature, time, objects- through a wide variety of media. I am especially fascinated by the expressive posibilites of glass, its ability to be transparent, opaque, liquid, solid, clear, or distortive. In my recent work I have explored how glass, a material often prized for it's clarity, can also complicate our perspectives. I find this dichotomy fascinating as I consider the consequences of distortion percieved as truth.


I am interested in found objects and collections as a thread that connects past, present and future. They embody the histories and memories of the people who encountered them in their journey from useful and valued to rubbish, and sometimes back again. Ordinary objects can become valued as people project themselves into them, they can reveal clues about the past, and may inform the future about the present. Undoubtedly the geologic legacy of our time will include plastic pollution, and I frequently incorporate plastic detritus which I recover from beaches into my art. My work is intended to give found plastic detritus a sense of permanence, since many of the plastic items we consider disposable will actually continue to exist well beyond our lifetimes.

I received my MFA from California State University, San Bernardino, (2018) and have a BA in Art, Business Language & Culture, and Spanish from the College of Idaho. (2007) I live and work in San Diego, California. 

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